Hanna C.

Hanna C.

“The process absolutely helped me feel more myself in a tough transitional time. I would recommend it to anyone.

Sarah’s inquiry and careful listening helped me identify what clothes made me feel uplifted so that now every time I walk into my closet I feel excited about everything I see (even though I’ve had most of the clothes for years).

Having space and time set aside with her to focus on how my clothes make me feel, how my clothes express who I am, and how it was possible to use my clothes to express who I want to become, felt so cosmically timed. The process genuinely helped me to feel more “myself” even after just one session.

I took the reflection prompts very seriously and ended up feeling super rewarded by them. Some still whirl around my mind as I plan an outfit or shop for something new. Sarah was very good at listening, taking in all of my feedback, and identifying the kinds of questions and exercises that would really open me up to learning about my style and where I wanted to develop it.

I now feel less burdened by the ambiguity of what to wear to express myself. Right now I feel very aware of what vibes I want to put out, so I’ve felt very good about all the purchases I’ve made. I could definitely see myself restarting the process when feeling uninspired or blah about my clothes to get “back to center” in this way.”

Olivia R.

“I could not recommend Mindfully Styled services any higher! After our first meeting, Sarah made several insightful observations about my style and was able to provide suggestions to help me better refine and articulate my look! During the closet cleanout, she helped me remove clothes that were no longer serving me and identified pieces that my wardrobe was lacking. In subsequent sessions, Sarah provided a number of recommendations for new items that I would never have chosen for myself but wound up purchasing. I am in love with the bright colors, playful patterns, and COMFORT! Who knew you could have it all?

I’m so grateful for Sarah’s time, attention, and expertise. She really listened to what was important to me and added some staples to my closet that I find myself reaching for over and over! I feel confident and comfortable and can’t wait to continue expanding my closet with the guiding principles she has helped create! Thank you, Sarah!”

Olivia R.

Ben J.

“I was on the search for synthesis in my wardrobe, and Mindfully Styled delivered: I’m looking and feeling good! Sarah helped me understand what clothes I actually need, found new clothes that I really dig, and curated some comfortable and cool outfits. When I need to shop again, I’ll be sure to request another Mindfully Styled appointment. 🍄”

Susan W.

“This has been a wonderful experience! Sarah has helped me to clarify what is important to me in choosing clothes. It’s not about her telling me what to wear as much as helping me to understand what styles, colors, and fabrics make me feel good.

She also encouraged me to experiment with pattern mixing and helped me utilize the things I already had by showing me ways to put different pieces together.

Ultimately, I wanted to shop more intentionally and this process has really helped me do that. I no longer feel compelled to check out every sale, but when I do shop I have a clearer idea of what colors and styles I feel best wearing.

The whole process has been very enjoyable!”

Brian W.

Brian W.

“I had never thought systematically about what types of clothes I gravitated towards and felt good in. Sarah worked with me to understand what sorts of items most appealed to me and why. With her help, I was able to tune out the constant hum of marketing noise to focus on what I needed and was empowered to pick items I knew I would love. Her suggestions not only helped me better define my style but also opened my eyes to new clothing options that I wouldn’t have previously considered. Thanks, Sarah!”

Sunaina S.

“I was blown away by Sarah’s sharp eye. She picked up on preferences I didn’t even realize I had and really helped me organize what I like most in the clothes I wear in such a helpful way. It’s made shopping successfully so much easier—gone are the days where I overshop in the hopes of liking ONE thing!

I am so grateful for Sarah. Her nurturing presence helped make the tender parts of styling less stressful and the whole process exciting, empowering, and uplifting! I was blown away by her insights into my personal preferences—some things I’d never noted myself! Her ability to vocalize what makes me feel good has helped me when I search for new pieces. It takes way less time and I end up buying (and wasting!) much less because I truly love the things I have and have kept. I will do this again and cannot recommend this experience enough!!”

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