Self-Guided Program — Coming Soon!

30-Day Email Course


This is a self-guided version of the 30-day Mindfully Styled program. You’ll receive all of the same daily emails, but in place of the 1-on-1 meetings with me, you’ll complete worksheets and follow step-by-step instructions to guide yourself through the learning process.

white clothes hanger on orange flooring, photo by Andrej Lišakov


The four major components of the Mindfully Styled program can also be completed on your own without the 30-day email course. Using these self-guided worksheets, you’ll (1) identify your style, (2) calculate what you need, (3) calm your closet, and (4) find what you love to wear. $25/ea or $80 for all.

Style Profile


Identify which specific colors, prints, fabrics, silhouettes, and other design elements best represent your authentic style, then create your Style Profile, a visual guide to reference as you curate your wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe


Design outfit formulas to support your lifestyle and make getting dressed a breeze, then calculate your specific wardrobe needs to help declutter your closet and shop with greater ease and confidence. Note: creating your Style Profile first helps to inform your Capsule Wardrobe needs.

Calm Your Closet


Follow the step-by-step instructions to declutter and organize your closet, including tips for staying on track and managing discarded items. Note: creating your Style Profile and Capsule Wardrobe first best informs your closet cleanout.

Personal Shopping Plan


Create a personalized plan for adding to your wardrobe in a way that reduces effort, decision fatigue, and the likelihood of unsuccessful purchases. You’ll end up with a prioritized shopping list and know where, when, and how to best shop for yourself.