The Mindfully Styled Program

What’s the Mindfully Styled program?

Over the course of 30 days, we’ll work together to transform your relationship with your clothes. Between our weekly 1-hour virtual meetings, you’ll receive concise daily emails full of yummy reflection prompts, timely resources, and important reminders that will inform and inspire your journey toward a more mindful sense of personal style.

Week 1: Identify Your Style

Our first meeting begins with a show & tell. You’ll share your favorite things to wear, and we’ll define your personal aesthetic—like a fingerprint, it is unique and innate. Before we meet again, I’ll create your Style Profile, a visual guide to help attune you to your clothing preferences, and you’ll begin your Consumer Cleanse, which will lessen the distraction of outside influence.

Week 2: Know What You Need

A mindful sense of style encompasses more than aesthetics, so in our second meeting, I’ll help you identify what clothes you need to support your daily life. You’ll gain greater confidence in your own instincts, discover effortless outfit ideas, and receive your Capsule Wardrobe, a precise checklist of your complete wardrobe needs for the current season.

green and white striped textile, photo by Jordan Bigelow

Week 3: Calm Your Closet

Once you have a clear understanding of what you love to wear and what you really need, you’ll see what you already own with clearer eyes. In our third meeting, I’ll guide you through sorting your wardrobe, helping you forge a more intentional relationship with your belongings and honor the often rich meaning and challenging feelings tied to your clothes. The result: a calmer, more purposeful closet.

Week 4: Find What You Love

Through this process, you’ll likely identify some holes in your current wardrobe, whether resulting from an evolution of your style, a lifestyle shift, or a changing body. For our final hour together, we’ll finalize your Personal Shopping Plan, a step-by-step guide for adding to your closet with ease and confidence.

Optional Week 5: Personal Showroom

Even with a robust toolkit of mindful style skills, shopping for ourselves can be a time-consuming, draining task. If that’s the case for you, I’ll share my love of online window shopping to supplement your buying efforts, creating your Personal Showroom of up to 10 items I recommend for you. Clients who choose this additional service leave with an average of 3 new items to love. NOTE: This is an additional cost but available to current program participants for 20% off the regular price.

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